Freshen Up

Sweat is the devil to make up and the feeling of freshness. With the Summer heat comes the possibility of sweat. I usually keep a few essentials in my bag while I am on the go to touch up. Here's what is in my freshen up essentials pouch.

We got to start with the pure basics of deodorant. I get very paranoid of the idea of smelling bad or getting sweat stains under my arms so deodorant is easily my top essential. Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment from Sephora is perfect to replenish those dry lips. They have a great colour variety, smell delicious and have SPF 15. Bonus. To make myself look a little more awake and touch up any spots, I use MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer. This makes the world of a difference to my face and under eye area. It covers nicely and stays on all day sometimes even through the sweat. I've really been enjoying MAC's blushers because they are pigmented but not too pigmented and have a nice variety to choose from. Benefit's They're Real Mascara is what I live for. I have gone through about four tubes of this stuff already. Amazing. Finally, I use a day cream which keeps my face hydrated and looking fresh.

What products are in your on-the-go freshen up pouch?

:: Janine Maral

Summer Strolls

Cafes are a nice place to have a chat with a friend, enjoy some coffee and lounge around. There are so many cafes around Toronto that I enjoy going to and will continue going to. This time around, I went to a cafe in Yorkville. I enjoyed their coffee but what I especially loved were the macarons. Let me say, these were expensive macarons but well worth it as they were very tasty. 

:: Janine Maral

Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog? To express your likes and dislikes? Share your passions? Inspire others?

Blogging is such a wonderful medium. I literally do not know where I would be today without it. It has taught me so much, not only about HTML, SEO, but also about photography, lighting, editing, writing, connecting with others, using social media effectively, the list goes on. I know for a fact that without starting a blog, my life would have been way different.

My good friend, Chloe, introduced me to Rosie's blog AKA The Londoner. This sparked my interest in the blogosphere and not too long after, I was inspired to start my own blog just to see where things would go. I didn't really expect to get much out of it. Next thing I know, I was beginning to invest hours and hours into my blog from choosing a blog name, to writing blog posts, and creating a blog layout. Today, my blog is my internet home - my little slice of the internet -  while also being a creative outlet to interact with others world wide with similar interests as myself.

I remember reading a fact somewhere stating if you do not stick with something for three months, chances are you will stop doing it and will not enjoy it. I am often that person who starts something new without finishing or continuing it. When I started my blog, a couple of my friends did too. We were enjoying it because it felt like a home on the internet. Soon after, both my friends stopped blogging before the invisible three months ended which shows that it wasn't really meant for them. I decided to continue blogging and at around six months later, I was impressed with myself for blogging for that long. It's something I never thought would happen.

Well, why do I blog? To inspire others. I know it's so cliche but it's true. One of my friends, Abby, recently told me how she was actually inspired by me in what I do and my dedication to not only my blog, but pursuing my dream. It truly put a smile on my face and motivated me to keep doing what I love and continue to inspire others in any way, shape or form.

Now what I want to know is, why do you blog?

:: Janine Maral

Magazines I Love

As a journalism student, I am a lover of magazines, both hard copy and digital. After blogging, reading magazines and articles is how I enjoy spending my free time. One of my goals in life is to actually create an online magazine of my own one day. Not just a blog that I call an online magazine but an actual well-established website with a team. One day will become some day.
There have been so many recent new magazine discoveries which I have been thoroughly loving. 

Flare Magazine
Flare Magazine has been Canada's go-to fashion magazine for over 30 years. They have great content and articles not only on fashion, but also on beauty and lifestyle topics. I remember Flare being one of the first magazines I started reading and thinking that interning or even possibly working there one day would be a dream come true. 
I love print media, especially magazines but in today's day and age, most things are going digital. I love how Flare also stays active on their social media platforms and on their website, which of course, I always stay up-to-date with. 

A Little Opulent
A Little Opulent is a fairly new online lifestyle magazine created by From Roses (Rebecca) and JennyPurr (Jen). Both co-founders and their team post consistent and well developed content which I thoroughly enjoy catching up on daily. They post a diverse selection of content, anywhere from home & living to culture & beauty. I also love how their website layout is straightforward and simple. 
I literally started reading their online magazine when they newly created it around two-three months ago and instantly fell in love. Most of my personal blog inspiration and motivation comes from ALO. It's remarkable the rate they are growing at while also posting fantastic content.

The Zoe Report
This final online magazine is a recent discovery I have been obsessed with. Rachel Zoe and her team post content on such interesting and helpful topics especially on style and beauty.
Since I am fairly new to this website I don't have much else to say about it but so far, completely in love.

Which magazines have you been loving?

:: Janine Maral


Sunglasses are a nice accessory and a great way to protect your eyes from the scorching sun. Lately, I have been loving my sunglass collection and mixing them up to match with my outfits. Sometimes, I even pull my hair back with a pair of sunglasses making bad hair days look better.

My ultimate favourite place to purchase sunglasses is H&M. They have a great variety for such an affordable price. Also, Forever 21 has an awesome selection as well. Sunglass Hut carries the higher end sunnies which are nice to look at or invest in one day. Raybans are my preferred sunglass brand. I have the original classic polarized aviator but I really want to purchase the either blue mirrored version or green mirrored version. Both are very chic either way.

Speaking of sunglass styles, the aviators are not bad and neither are the circular shaped sunnies. It can be quite difficult finding a circular shape sunglass pair that look great with your face shape. Unfortunately, this style does not suite my face as well as the aviators or rectangular shaped ones.

Which sunglasses do you like best?

:: Janine Maral

The Office Area

My office area is not fully complete yet but I wanted to show you bits and bobs I especially love.

:: Janine Maral

Get Fit Quick

It's summer and everyone wants to look good and toned for this season as lots of skin will be shown. I attempted to put together a fitness plan for both myself as a reminder and for you if you want to try it out to get that summer body. 

P.S. In no way am I a health guru. This is based off of my own interests and knowledge.

Key tips and reminders
Never skip breakfast
Maintain a good balance of protein, fruits, vegetables and whole wheat
Do not eat 2-3 hours before you go to bed
Only drink water
Lay off the unneeded sugars like candy, sugary cereals etc.

I found some great healthy recipes on Pinterest that would be great for snacks! I personally love to munch on little things as I blog.
+ Greek yogurt with berries and granola
+ Greek yogurt with cucumber and a little bit of honey
+ Whole grain bread with peanut butter and banana slices
+ Fun fruit bowl in a melon shell
+ Edemame with a light amount of salt
+ Zucchini pizza bites
+ Apples with a cheese slices
+ Simple cherries

If you do cheat a little, don't fret! It was a mistake. Do not let yourself go for the rest of the day. Workout a little more and keep going strong! Speaking of working out, there are some great fun fitness exercise apps and videos online you can follow along to if you have a little extra time. I enjoy Blogilates on Youtube. Besides those workouts..

Here is the daily simple workout plan:
25 jumping jacks
20 squats
20 crunches
20 leg lifts
15 mountain climbers
5 push ups
1 minute bridge

Lastly, if you want to slim down fast, eliminate gluten from your diet. I believe gluten is found in flour and wheat and if you completely eliminate it from your diet, you will shed off a few pounds. Personally, I still eat gluten but in moderate portions. One of my friends started going gluten free so I went to the food store to check out some gluten free foods and snacks. I found this bag of gluten free popcorn called Boom Chicka Pop. To be honest, a large chunk of the reason why I purchased this was the packaging (blogger problems) but they actually taste very good and are relatively low in calories. I also found gluten free cookies which were delicious! They tasted like normal cookies but were gluten free. Let me warn you though, gluten free anything is pretty pricey.

What are your thoughts on my get fit quick plan? Any tips?

:: Janine Maral
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