Macchina Mobile Cafe

A taste of Europe is traveling around the streets of Toronto selling coffee, hot chocolates and so far, they are having a great success.

Macchina Mobile Cafe is a little orange truck adapted from a European feel of selling coffee on the streets.

“The person that came up with the idea was my husband. Traveling in Europe, he’s seen a lot of mobile cafes.” says Ana Diez, co-owner of Macchina Mobile. 

Coming from Columbia, Diez had also seen mobile cafes in different vehicles, which is how she decided to use the Vespa Ape as her shop, a small motor cycle with a pick-up van.

“We found a person here who has some of these vehicles and restores them and helped us with the design and we just did it!” said Diez.

The vehicle opens up to a coffee machine with storage spaces to store a small table, two chairs as well as different types of hot chocolate and coffee. One of their most popular type of coffee is the Cortado. 

Diana Benea, a customer of the Macchina Mobile Cafe said, “I’ve had [the Cortado] in Spain about five or six different versions and so far this is the best one.”

As successful as their business was going, the owners have to continuously face obstacles.

“The problem with the city is finding a location. It’s pretty restricted right now,” said Jeff Douglas, co-owner of Macchina Mobile. “You pay $5000 for a vending permit as a display so any place there is a pay and display, you can vend. But then on top of that you can’t be within 50 metres of any place that sells food.”

Along with their obstacles, a typical day is not as simple as it seems. 

“We have to be up and under way by 7a.m. So it takes probably two hours to really get it done and at the end of the day, there will be the clean up,” says Douglas. “It is an older vehicle so there will be some spark issues. There is also the day-to-day stuff too like making sure the battery is charged and nothing breaks down.”

One of their regulars, Donna Nancekivell, has been ordering their coffee since they started with Farmer’s Market at Ryerson University back in mid-June. 

“I’ve had Americanos before and sometimes they taste a little bland. This one just has flavour. You can taste the beans, the roasting,” said Nancekivell. “In general, this market is a fabulous idea. There is everything you could want here and it’s all fresh. It is so different than going to a grocery store.”

Find Macchina Mobile Cafe around the city in popular places around the city of Toronto like Yonge and Eglinton Streets and Yonge and Davisville Streets.

Janine Maral

Top 5 Autumn Fashion Picks

A little black bootie is a staple in any Fall season wardrobe. It can easily be dressed up or down.
Find this shoe here!

Comfort is key in the cooler months. Try these fancy sweatpants - chic and cozy.
Maroon screams Autumn. This bag will fit all your needs both in terms of size and within your outfits.
Find this bag here!

This moto-jacket is a must. A versatile piece that will look good with nearly everything in your wardrobe while also giving an edgy vibe. 

Finally, it's all about those chunky and warm blanket scarves during this time of year. A definite must-have.
Find this blanket scarf here!

What are some of your Autumn must-haves?

Janine Maral

Craving the Black Ankle Boot

Black Booties

Gosh i'm so in love with these booties! Ever since it got a little chillier in Toronto, i've been craving autumn fashion pieces. This season is perfect for layering, staying warm, rocking your favourite boots and coats. I just love all aspects to it!

The ankle boot was very much in trend last year but for some reason, I was not feeling it. This year, it is completely different. I am all for the black bootie. It is such a versatile and honestly, a staple and basic piece to complete any wardrobe. You can dress it up when going out in the city or wear it professionally with a blazer and some skinny jeans. There are so many options with the classic black ankle boot. 

It also comes in a number of different styles. There's the boot with the cut outs, the zippers, the buckles, and some silver or gold detailing. The options are endless with such a simple piece. 

Janine Maral.

The Sunday Edit iii

Life has been crazy (in a good way). Where do I even begin?

I started uni, as many of you may know. So far, the work load is not too bad, but it's just the beginning. I'm also blogging for other websites and also have a job. This equals to basically no time to blog here. And it sucks.

When I first started this blog, I was in high school and basically had nothing else to do in my day-to-day life. Blogging was my full-time hobby. Now, I feel like my blog is just somewhere I type something, up post pictures I find on Pinterest and throw it up here. I honestly have not taken a photo and spent time editing it for my blog in what feels like ages. 

I am genuinely going to try my best to create the best content that I am proud of from now on even if it is not as frequent as I want it to be. Let's see where things go from there.

Janine Maral

Zara TRF Autumn Lookbook

Every year around the time of New York Fashion Week, autumn fashion begins to come into play. This is my favourite season for dressing because you can layer to keep yourself warm while also looking chic. I am also a fan of maroon, mustard yellow and forest green colours and the autumn season is the prime time to wear those three colours. 

I was on the Zara website and noticed they had a new September TRF lookbook out for the autumn season. I scrolled through and fell in love with every piece. I chose my favourites and decided to put it in a blog posts. 

To check out more of their lookbook, you can click here.
Which look is your favourite?

Janine Maral.

ABM's Party! Party! App

I'm sure almost all of you know A Beautiful Mess, a blog run by Elsie and Emma. They post content of various subjects like recipes, photography, home, fashion, lifestyle and more. Well not too long ago, Elsie and Emma released their new photo editing app, a follow up of their previous photo editing app called "A Beautiful Mess." Their previous app allowed you to add filters to your photos as well as text and hand drawn graphics. The new "Party! Party!" has similar features to "A Beautiful Mess" but can also help you create some insanely cool things, specifically gifs. 

"Party! Party!" allows you to take photos through the app and add one of their 18 filters that they offer. So many filters to choose from it will make your mind explode. Along with that, you can also create gifs. You have the option of 4, 9, 16 or infinite photo gifs with either manually taking each picture or having a set time to take each photo between each shot. After you have taken or imported your photos for your gif, you can then choose the speed, add a filter and adjust the settings like brightness, vibrance etc. They also offer the choice of creating a collage instead of a gif.

I tried out this app for myself, of course, and I am obsessed. There really isn't any other app like this (at least that I know of) that offers making gifs, collages, and single photos along with 18 amazing filters. My first photo was taken through the app with a filter and setting adjustments. The gif below was also created through the app (of course) using the manual setting with 4 photos and a filter. I love it!

After you have finished editing your photo or making a gif, you then export it onto any given social media account, email it to yourself or save it to your iphone. Unfortunately with gifs, they will not work on your iphone so you can just send the gif to yourself via email.

The app is sold for 0.99 on the app store! Will you purchase it for yourself?

Best, Janine Maral


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sometimes I skip this meal. Why? Laziness. I have no motivation in the mornings especially if I am rushing to school to make a sustainable breakfast. I have confessed. 
One of my favourite ways to get good breakfast ideas are through pinterest. Also, there are some really creative photography images of breakfast and coffee. I love to browse through these whenever and wherever. These photos motivate me to actually make time for breakfast in the mornings and to also take some bomb instagram-worthy pictures. Enjoy.

Best, Janine Maral.
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