Craving the Black Ankle Boot

Black Booties

Gosh i'm so in love with these booties! Ever since it got a little chillier in Toronto, i've been craving autumn fashion pieces. This season is perfect for layering, staying warm, rocking your favourite boots and coats. I just love all aspects to it!

The ankle boot was very much in trend last year but for some reason, I was not feeling it. This year, it is completely different. I am all for the black bootie. It is such a versatile and honestly, a staple and basic piece to complete any wardrobe. You can dress it up when going out in the city or wear it professionally with a blazer and some skinny jeans. There are so many options with the classic black ankle boot. 

It also comes in a number of different styles. There's the boot with the cut outs, the zippers, the buckles, and some silver or gold detailing. The options are endless with such a simple piece. 

Janine Maral.

The Sunday Edit iii

Life has been crazy (in a good way). Where do I even begin?

I started uni, as many of you may know. So far, the work load is not too bad, but it's just the beginning. I'm also blogging for other websites and also have a job. This equals to basically no time to blog here. And it sucks.

When I first started this blog, I was in high school and basically had nothing else to do in my day-to-day life. Blogging was my full-time hobby. Now, I feel like my blog is just somewhere I type something, up post pictures I find on Pinterest and throw it up here. I honestly have not taken a photo and spent time editing it for my blog in what feels like ages. 

I am genuinely going to try my best to create the best content that I am proud of from now on even if it is not as frequent as I want it to be. Let's see where things go from there.

Janine Maral

Zara TRF Autumn Lookbook

Every year around the time of New York Fashion Week, autumn fashion begins to come into play. This is my favourite season for dressing because you can layer to keep yourself warm while also looking chic. I am also a fan of maroon, mustard yellow and forest green colours and the autumn season is the prime time to wear those three colours. 

I was on the Zara website and noticed they had a new September TRF lookbook out for the autumn season. I scrolled through and fell in love with every piece. I chose my favourites and decided to put it in a blog posts. 

To check out more of their lookbook, you can click here.
Which look is your favourite?

Janine Maral.

ABM's Party! Party! App

I'm sure almost all of you know A Beautiful Mess, a blog run by Elsie and Emma. They post content of various subjects like recipes, photography, home, fashion, lifestyle and more. Well not too long ago, Elsie and Emma released their new photo editing app, a follow up of their previous photo editing app called "A Beautiful Mess." Their previous app allowed you to add filters to your photos as well as text and hand drawn graphics. The new "Party! Party!" has similar features to "A Beautiful Mess" but can also help you create some insanely cool things, specifically gifs. 

"Party! Party!" allows you to take photos through the app and add one of their 18 filters that they offer. So many filters to choose from it will make your mind explode. Along with that, you can also create gifs. You have the option of 4, 9, 16 or infinite photo gifs with either manually taking each picture or having a set time to take each photo between each shot. After you have taken or imported your photos for your gif, you can then choose the speed, add a filter and adjust the settings like brightness, vibrance etc. They also offer the choice of creating a collage instead of a gif.

I tried out this app for myself, of course, and I am obsessed. There really isn't any other app like this (at least that I know of) that offers making gifs, collages, and single photos along with 18 amazing filters. My first photo was taken through the app with a filter and setting adjustments. The gif below was also created through the app (of course) using the manual setting with 4 photos and a filter. I love it!

After you have finished editing your photo or making a gif, you then export it onto any given social media account, email it to yourself or save it to your iphone. Unfortunately with gifs, they will not work on your iphone so you can just send the gif to yourself via email.

The app is sold for 0.99 on the app store! Will you purchase it for yourself?

Best, Janine Maral


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sometimes I skip this meal. Why? Laziness. I have no motivation in the mornings especially if I am rushing to school to make a sustainable breakfast. I have confessed. 
One of my favourite ways to get good breakfast ideas are through pinterest. Also, there are some really creative photography images of breakfast and coffee. I love to browse through these whenever and wherever. These photos motivate me to actually make time for breakfast in the mornings and to also take some bomb instagram-worthy pictures. Enjoy.

Best, Janine Maral.

The Sunday Edit ii

Life has been hectic. I've been busy with 18 hour days and barely any sleep. Luckily today, I can relax, catch up on my sleep and blogging and tidy up my life before it all starts again this week. 

I start university this week (whaaat?!) and I am too pumped. Last week was orientation week and I met loads of people in my program that love basically everything I love. My friends and I also went to some great events that were being held during the week like going to centre island with many other programs. It was great. 

I'm looking forward to what the first week of university brings. I am worried about a few courses but overall have a positive outlook and vibe. But overall, I am motivated to work hard, study hard and party hard because the next four years are going to fly by and you need to make the most of every moment.

Best, Janine Maral.

Early Bird Cafe & Brew Bar

I found another cheeky little cafe from Toronto and naturally, fell madly in love with it. 

Every time I make a trip into the city, I check for any interesting cafes I could go to for a sip of some cappuccino. This trend started in the beginning of the summer where I suddenly had the urge to go cafe hopping in the city. Yes, cafe hopping, no not bar hopping.

Early Bird Cafe & Brew Bar opened in the summer of 2013 on Queen St. West just east of Bathurst. From an outer look of the building, it looks small but once you step in, it's a whole other world. 

Of course I went for a cappuccino, which costed around $3.50. It was one of the nicest cappuccinos I have ever had but I just had it at a bad time, in the summer heat. The photos I took of it however were worth it. 

My friends purchased an iced coffee and lemonade. I absolutely love how they serve it in a mason jar with the handles. Very unique.

Alongside drinks, Early Bird also serves delicious desserts, snacks, sandwiches and more. I had my eye on these mouth watering cookies but resisted (i'm trying to eat a little healthier these days).

How lovely!

Oh hello. Just sippin' away on my latte!

The exposed brick wall gives a nice touch to the modern cafe. It gives the overall atmosphere a feeling somewhat like, "I'm young, doing my studies and getting ready to take on the world ahead of me!"

I especially love the colour of wood they use for their tables (is that weird?). It works seamlessly with the modern yet olden feel and are perfect for the ideal blogger-birds-eye-view-photo-of-my-coffee shot. Am I right? I should also mention they have a patio as well!

Since i'll be in the city way more often, I think this may be my new go-to cafe and I can't wait.

:: Janine Maral
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