The Cross Body Bag

I love a good bag, moreover, a good quality cross body bag. I believe that investing in a quality bag is worth it in the long run. Here are the styles I have been particularly craving.

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel
Only recently did I start loving this bag. I blame vlogger and blogger, Fleur De Force. She has the exact colour of the exact same bag in the photo above and it slowly grew on me. The texture looks lovely with the colour and I also love how the metal isn't your typical gold or silver. 

Michael Kors Miranda Bucket Bag
Apparently bucket bags are back and I have my eye on this one in particular. The leather is so soft and flexible which is perfect for this style of bag. The thing I love most of the bucket bag is that it's not structure. It's the perfect size and the perfect amount of "slouchy."

Celine Nano
Of course, a blogger favourite. Although the Celine Luggage bags are quite gorgeous, the "mini me" version is too cute. The colour combo in particular that I have my eye on is black and an off white with royal blue suede sides. Like yes Celine, you are doing everything right.

Which are your favourites?
Janine Maral

My Dream "Job"

As a kid, my dream job varied. I first wanted to be an astronaut, then a basketball player, then an accountant, then an architect. During high school, I somehow ended up wanting to do something in media and here I am, in university, studying about media and journalism. I love it.

Now I start to think, “Where do I see myself after university?” In my ideal world, I’d be a blogger and vlogger while traveling the world, like Chiara Ferragni, Kayture, Rosie from The Londoner, or Song of Style. 

I can see myself producing, writing stories, editing videos, and all that goes into creating. I’d definitely want to do something creative. Something that requires critical thinking. Some marketing and communication, perhaps? Social media is a must as well in my job along with going to cool events like fashion week around the world or being on the same flight as the Victoria’s Secret Angels and documenting my experiences.

Pulling all my favourite things in life and all my passions to one “job” is my dream. I don’t want it to feel like work. I want it to be something that I enjoy waking up to everyday and love so much, I’d do it for free. 

Where would I live? Haven’t figured out one stable city yet. I love to travel so this might be tough but hopefully I’ll be able to travel a lot throughout the years. My top cities are Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Berlin. Everyone says LA, NYC, or London but there’s a reason why. It’s the hype of living in such a live city that thrills me. Waking up to a city that never sleeps is motivating. So many opportunities, creativity, and inspiration out there. 

Nothing will stop me from pursuing my dream “job,” or what I like to think of it, living my dream life.

What’s yours?

Janine Maral

Bumfuzzle - A Playlist

I created this playlist a while ago and finally came around to sharing it. It's completely out of my standard go-to music and a genre of different kinds of more relaxed and chilled music vibes. I'm digging it. My favourite song from this playlist for now has to be Idfc.

Janine Maral

Montreal Cafes

You know I love myself a good cafe hub.

While I was in Montreal, I went to a few cafes but two in particular stole my heart. Cafe Plume and Pikolo.

Here's Cafe Plume. The vibe oddly felt like a library. Everyone was focused on getting their work done and enjoying their drinks.

Pikolo was almost opposite to Cafe Plume. It was definitely a little more tight and more as an on-the-go hub. However, I know lots of students enjoy spending their time studying their as they have a cheeky little upper seating level.

These were my two favourite Montreal cafes. Excited to try out more throughout the country and the world! It's just the beginning.

Janine Maral

Endless Scarves

I love a good scarf, especially during the chilly season. If it didn't get blazing hot during the summer, I would wear scarves year round.

I was actually thinking about this the other day. Are scarves my favourite accessory? Then I thought about jewelry or handbags (if those count) and I'm beginning to think that scarves are my favourite.

I created this collage below of a bunch of scarves I am falling head-over-heels for. On the street style side, I have some scarves from H&M and RW&Co, both my go-to stores for a nice quality scarf that doesn't hurt my wallet. In the average priced area, there are Aritzia scarves. Let me tell you, these are some nice scarves and I am so tempted to purchase one.

On the higher end, I have been obsessed with the Louis Vuitton signature logo scarf (at least I think that's what it's called). It's such a soft material and the way it sits around my neck feels so nice, I just have yet to purchase it! Maybe one day. There is also the classic Burberry scarf and Alexander McQueen's Classic Skull Silk Chiffon scarf which I both still do love.

For styles, I've fallen in love with huge blanket scarves this winter season which is fitting. I also feel like blanket scarves are perfect for the fall time when it's not too chilly and still pretty warm out. They are so versatile.
The style of scarves I wear the most are chunky scarves wrapped around my neck to the point where I can burry my face in it and keep it warm from the Toronto cold. Fashion forward and cozy, my two favourite things.

What's your favourite style of scarves?
Janine Maral

Let's Be 'Frends'

The time had finally come where I purchased the pair of headphones that I've been talking way too much about. The ever-so-famous Frends headphones.

You may or may not know this but Frends headphones almost never go on sale. Lucky me, I found them for sale around boxing day season. You already know I whipped out my credit card as fast as I could.

Opening the box they were in was like opening a jar of nutella; crisp, clean and heavenly. The sound quality was way better than I could even expect. The leather cushion grips nicely to your ears and almost completely mutes out the world around you. Turn the volume up to around the halfway point on your iPhone and you can't hear a single thing except for what is playing. 

I was talking to my cousin as she was listening (and dancing) with these headphones on and she yells, "I can't hear a single thing you are saying!" It cracked me up. 

In terms of the metal colour choice, I was debating between the rose gold and the gold. My decision was easily made as the rose gold colour was sold out. For sizing, I figured go big (literally) or go home and I am completely in love with my purchase.

I feel like a real blogger now.

Janine Maral

The Royal Burger

Think of the best burger you have ever eaten. Now think of it being much more juicier, rich and filled with flavour. That was my experience with this burger.

My friends and I were looking for a place to eat and happened to pass by Burger Royal while we were in Montreal. We decided to give it a go never even hearing about it before.

Burger Royal is located in Montreal, Canada and unfortunately, they only have one location but that makes their burgers that much more special. I've never had a better burger in my life and I'll try my best to explain how delicious it was.

The burger options are endless. They offer all kinds of burgers with unexpected combinations like burgers with bacon, eggs, and even nutella (thanks, but no thanks).

This was the burger I ordered (twice on two separate visits(no regrets)). It's simple - a fresh and juicy patty, one slice of cheddar cheese that is melted to perfection, fresh cut tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, mayo and ketchup.

The bun of the burger was also fresh and does not take over the entire burger, if you know what I mean. I must also point out that the meat was rich in flavour and tasted fresh. 

Burger Royal also has mac and cheese which one of my friends ended up ordering with pork on top. Looks like real food porn if you ask me.

If you are in the Montreal area, I highly recommend checking this place out. I know the next time I visit the city, I'll be taking a trip, or two, back there!

Janine Maral
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