Wish Listing for Spring

The last time i've put something together like this was quite a while ago. This is mostly because i didn't really have anything on my wish list at the time. After going on a well needed shopping 'spree' and surfing on Pinterest for too many hours, I spotted these few specific items I am lusting over big time. 

A red and white checkered shirt // I know, super basic but I think these are cute for those days where I want to dress kind of lumberjack-y or grunge. Also, I wear the one flannel I have all the time so I kind of want another one in different colours.

Frends Headphones // I swear these headphones have been on my wish list for ages! I am determined to buy them in the near future. 

Benefit BB Cream // Holy crap, I tried this BB cream at Sephora and my jaw dropped. It's super cool as it gives a powder finish and gives your face a flawless finish. Like ya, I need, now.

Hourglass Blushes // If you know me, you know I am not a big fan of blushes but everyone is raving about these specific ones so I want to try them out and plus, the packaging looks amazing.

Faux Leather Cap // These caps I find are cute. I see many street styles of individuals wearing this type of hat and i'm inspired to create similar looks. Also, it would look great with the red checkered shirt and maybe the Frends headphones as an accessory, am I right? 

What's on your wish list?

xo, JM

Get Inspired

Take this as inspiration to achieve your goals in life and like the quote says, create a life you love.

xo, JM
Photo is not of my own. Source: Pinterest.

Chanel Perfection Lumiére Velvet Foundation

Foundations are the one makeup product I am never too fond of. I am super picky when picking a foundation and knew I need a new one. I just so happened to pass by the Chanel booth and spotted their new foundation. I gave it a try and fell in love, thus, purchased the beauty. 

It was a little pricey, around $48CAD. 
The formula is very runny which I prefer since it is easier to buff into the skin. In terms of coverage, it is light to medium coverage but can be builded up. It seamlessly hides imperfections and gives the face a flawless finish without being too heavy. 
The best part about this foundation is it feels like skin. It does not what so ever feel like you have foundation on your face.

I usually apply this foundation with my expert face brush by Real Techniques or with my fingers on the lazier days. Also, I purchased it in the lightest shade since i'm pretty fair skin. Their choice in shades are pretty good as well.
My only problem is the packaging. The cap can be tough to twist off however, the size is perfect to travel with as it is super compact.
In an overall ranking, i'd give this foundation an 9/10.

If you tried this foundation, what are your thoughts? 
If you haven't, do you think you will purchase it?

xo, JM

The Bedroom:: Dreaming of New Additions

Scrolling through Pinterest is slightly addicting, especially when you have the urge to redecorate your entire room. Here are my favourite finds.

xo, JM

Eyeko Surprises

I've been EYEing the brand EYEko (see what I did there?) for a while now and my awesome friends surprised me with this small gift, the Eyeko mascaras. Don't count on me with this but I think these are the same mascaras except in different colours. 
What I love about these are that it gives lots of volume. The formula doesn't make your lashes clump together but gives the appearance of dramatic and full lashes. 
Also, the midnight blue mascara is a unique one. I've never seen anything quite like this. Often, the blue mascaras I do come across are a little too blue but this particular one is subtle enough that it will be noticeable but not so much in your face.
I'm super content with these and will most likely re-purchase them in the near future. Thanks friends!

xo, JM

LA in 10 Photos

The 90210 Area

Hey Celine, I'm obsessed with all your stuff. 

I also headed to that museum in downtown LA (i think?). These infamous lights were the reason for my visit. 

The last photo during my last night in Los Angeles. Can't wait to head back soon, hopefully.

xo, JM

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